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I'm just lately Anya
So I finally got away from that 'boss' of mine. It wasn't very hard to find Lilah, although you'd think she could have refrained from hitting me seeing as I was sort of rescuing her. I'll say one thing; they certainly kept her healthy. For their part at least. Anyway between me doing what I do (Hello, when I say to get your hands off me I mean it. I mean I was speaking in English, and then Spanish for the staff. I can not be held responsible if people do not heed my warnings. Especially since all in all I've had a pretty bad few months since this whole 'I'm alive again' thing.) and Lilah it went rather smoothly. Except I may have stolen a car...

Anyway I have Lilah in a hospital up the coast. Although she's really upset and not letting them do any tests. I've told her children are not demonic but she won't believe me. Also she asked me to ask if Lindsey and Wes could come by. And circumstances aside, it would be really healpul because right now she's just scared... And not because of me.

Oh if my math is right with the multiple thing, if she's still having triplets the estimated birth, and um, you know...death.... is about 17 weeks away. So if anyone's thinking about putting off visiting or really stupid plans that they might want to talk about.... clocks running out.

In closing, it's be really nice if someone would convince her to let the doctors check her out. It'd also be really nice if I could get a call from Xander.

And um...I'm supposed to apologize to Lindsey and Wesley. I did not mean to offend, scare, and or attempt to make you feel guilty. Although you know , some of that you deserved. So yeah, sorry.

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Dear Mr McDonald,

I may have misplaced something you had in your apartment. If you get home before I find said something, feel free to inquire further. If not, every thing's just fine back here on the home front. Forget I said anything...*smile*

Xander; still haven't heard from you. Spike, if you need to get drunk I'm available after hours 7 days a week. Unless someone else needs me and then sorry, duty calls.

Little girl who wanted to marry Spike...well, what can I say? He's a jerk. But he's a man. They're just like that.Collapse )

You're evil. All of you. Everyone. It's time for the women for this town to take a stand. And Alicia, if you need chocolate, or vodka, or maybe a romantic comedy which ends with the man getting hit by a train. Call your Aunt Anya. I'm not really your Aunt and you don't know me. But me and Mr. Giles go way back. We ran a business together. Although I'm the one with the head for business. He's just a old man desperately clinging to the remnants of his youth. A nice one. But still a man. You know something? I have no actual proof...but he's probably wronged a few women in his day too. You think you know someone.

Now, hypothetically speaking. If you were in a wheelchair, where would you be?

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//Locked against everyone except maybe Xander, Lindsey, and Spike//
and you get sucked into caring...Why did no one warn me?Collapse )

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Dear Xander,

Happy Valentines Day.

Hm...That was easier than I thought.

Love, Your friend, or actually ex-girlfriend/fiance,

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exploring my human sideCollapse )

//Locked to Xander//

Dear Xander. This is me dropping lines...No rush though. I may be busy for a while. I'd say work, but it's not just work. I knew this wasn't the line of work for me...I tried to tell... But no, so now I'm here all emotionally attached.

The first rule in this business is don't get involved. But I think that's kind of hard. I mean when you're surrounded by humanity it sort of grows on you. Like a fungus. With spores and everything. And you can't separate yourself from spores. They get all mingly, and you get mingly...and suddenly everything's hitting a little too close to home.

Anyway I'm still trying to figure out if I can do any good in this job. I really want to. I don't like seeing people hurt. Unless of course they're obnoxious or deserve it in which case I don't really care what happens to them.

But honestly, and I have some sort of personal experience here, sometimes people think you deserve it,the getting hurt I mean, and you don't. People can't help the life they were thrown into. Only what they do with it. I know, it sounds like a crock. But it's true. And I think when it comes down to it, even someone who's spent a lifetime causing pain and suffering deserves to be happy. Because really, they're just a person. Nothing more, nothing less. The same as everyone else. In the end there aren't heroes, or villains. Just the knowledge that you meant something.

So that's how goes the...counseling. Hope that thing at work went well. Oh, and Lilah really liked her flowers. She probably would've liked them more if they came from someone else. But I think I saw her smile. That was a really stand up thing to do.


//Locked to Spike//

Hey Buddy, you okay? For the record, if you and Buffy get into a cat fight I'm on your side. Selfishness is fine, when it doesn't hurt anyone. But people should consider the feelings of others.You don't just use someone for sex and discard them. Sure it's be nice. But it doesn't work that way. First they tell you they love you, and then you get all attached. Next thing you know you're sacrificing yourself...

Plus Angel? Girls name... Sorry. Getting sidetracked.


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Life's a funny thing. Of course it's not like I really every claimed to understand it. It's full of illogical, poorly thought out concepts, that only lead to waste, heartache, and pain. And I still maintain that God is a man. Cause a woman would not create a place this messed up. I mean really.

Anyway, life's a funny thing, yadda, yadda... ( You know this online journaling thing looks to be lucrative. I always told Giles that if we focused more on our internet sales...nevermind.) Point is, one minute I'm standing there all courageous, which is absolutely ridiculous, because I should be scared silly; I mean not only were those impossible odds, but they stuck me with Andrew. They might as well have given me Dawn for god's sake. At least maybe I could have used the fact that she was an all powerful key to barter for my life... And the next think I know I'm in a room- well to be technical some big dark space that probably had no actual boundaries in the sense of those we know in this world, but again, point...with D'Hoffryn standing behind me going Anyanka this and Anyanka that.

So what do you know? I'm not dead. (And for the record, Buffy; drama queen. Dying really isn't all that different from living.) And I'm seemingly back in the vengeance biz, despite my protests.

I'm not really sure why I didn't stay dead. D'Hoffryn said somebody somewhere made a wish. Personally I just think it's because there was a strike that week and his profit margin was plummeting... Or possibly it's some human thing. Something I still don't understand.

Oh I'm not done yet...Collapse )

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These are links and samples, below are some random un-edited samples. Yay!




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